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Top Lexington Commercial Pressure Washing Specialists

The best commercial pressure washing available is done by Pressure Washing Pros. Your Lexington business property will shine like it hasn't in years after performing the commercial pressure washing it needs!

Your property or business can benefit from commercial pressure washing, whether you realize that yet or not! Commercial pressure washing not only covers the ground of storefront washing and large-scale building washing but also in cleaning your appliances. If you run a taxi service, someone needs to clean your cars, and if you ship groceries or do anything that involves heavy machinery, you will need someone to clean that machinery to make sure it stays in top shape.

If you're interested in our commercial pressure washing services, you can reach our offices at 606-231-4057. Not sold on our Lexington pressure washing service yet? Drop by our Testimonials page or browse the following list to see if we have something you need!

Playground cleaning

Playground Cleaning & Sanitation

Our pressure washing company has the expertise and equipment to clean children's play areas of any size or material.

Learn More About Playground Cleaning & Sanitation
Graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal

If you need expert graffiti removal in Lexington, call us! Graffiti removal sticks when it is done soon after the graffiti is sprayed on to discourage more vandalism and make it easier to remove.

Learn More About Graffiti Removal
Storefront cleaning

Storefront Washing

Your storefront could use a wash. It's not an insult, just a fact of ownership. Call in the pressure washing experts at Pressure Washing Pros.

Learn More About Storefront Washing
Rv cleaning

RV Washing

An RV gets a lot of mileage over the years. Call Pressure Washing Pros expertly clean the family RV no matter how long it's been since its last clean!

Learn More About RV Washing
Commercial truck washing

Commercial Truck Cleaning

Your business needs trucks to do the work your employees can't. Call in the Pressure Washing Pros to get the best commercial truck cleaning in Lexington.

Learn More About Commercial Truck Cleaning

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